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The Rise of Organic Cotton Baby Products

Organic Cotton Baby Products

You might be reading this article because you are ought to buy organic cotton crib sheets for your little one! Indeed, organic crib sheets, baby clothes and mattresses have many intuitive benefits. They are useful for the baby and the environment. According to a recent study, organic cotton crib sheets are extremely helpful for the baby’s health.

The Usual Way!

Conventionally, baby bedding and clothing are made of cotton grown using fertilizers, bleaches, dyes and synthetic pesticides. In some cases, even more harsh chemicals are used. Over the past few generations, these clothes have caused indescribable problems to the little ones. Unfortunately, very few parents are aware of these issues. Public health advocates and environmentalists who are worried about chemical sensitivities believe that baby clothes and bedding should be made of organic produces. The impact of organic cotton products on children is less negative and more positive!

Some Stats!

Do you know that nearly 25% of the world’s harmful pesticides and insecticides are sprayed on cotton crops? Apart from these synthetic chemicals, flame, petroleum scouring agents, formaldehyde, softeners, ammonia and brighteners are used to process harvested cotton. Apart from serious environmental impacts, these chemicals rub on the little one’s skin causes many health issues. Rachel Birchler (owner of Mooi, an organic company that produces children clothing and bedding) believes that the child’s skin is thinner and porous than elders. As a result, it absorbs chemicals easily and quickly. This clearly proves the fact that cotton apparels and bedding with pesticides are dangerous for kids than elders.

One of the world’s leading sellers of baby products – Johnson & Johnson declares that little ones require organic apparels and bedding. This is because their skin is less oily, more fragile and remarkably thin. They are not resistant to toxic compounds like pesticides and disease causing bacteria. This is why Johnson & Johnson has taken the initiative to make baby products with organic cotton. Another famous brand that specializes in making organic baby apparels would be “Lotus Organics”. Millions and millions of babies are likely to benefit from these organic clothes. They will no longer be exposed to carcinogenic pesticides or contaminated chemicals through apparels.

Why Do We Compromise?

If organic cotton crib sheets and clothes are so good for our babies, why do we compromise on conventional items? Well, it is all about the price! When compared against conventional bedding and clothing, organic cotton is several times expensive and difficult to maintain. You should spend at least a hundred more dollars on organic bedding and apparels. However, organic cotton crib sheets are much more durable and sturdy. That means you are less likely to spend more in the long run. Even after 100 to 200 washes, the organic products will last. Doesn’t this prove to be a great reason to invest on organic cotton sheets?

On the whole, organic baby products are on the rise. As more and more products become organic, the premium price is likely to shrink.

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