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Sometimes Small Changes Can Do Great Miracles!

organic cotton blanket

Organic cotton blankets have become the talk of the town. This is a trendy topic with lots of scope for growth. Almost all retailers have a positive view towards organic cotton blankets and apparels. To be more precise, mega giants like Wal-Mart are encouraging manufacturers to come up with organic items. May it be clothing, baby wear, bedding or blankets; the quest for organic options has increased drastically.

Going Organic the Right Way

Though organic products have acquired an utmost level of fame and glory, a lot of retailers and makers are confused. This is because they don’t understand the actual meaning of “going organic”. In fact, many consumers are confused if they should go organic or not. This is because they are unaware of the real benefits in organic clothing and bedding. If you are pondering why you should go organic, the next few lines will certainly lend you a hand of help.

Do Your Research

When you buy organic apparels and bedding, it is always wise to do a background study. For instance, check if the crops were grown in fields without any toxic chemicals. This includes both insecticides and pesticides. By definition, organic cotton represents crops that are grown in pure, natural chemical free environments. This is why organic cotton is several times better and healthier than conventional cotton. Moreover, you should ensure if the fields have not being subject to any kind of pesticides or chemicals for at least three years. The regulations differ from one country to another. Before you make a buy, verify if the cotton crops were cultivated in the right conditions. Watch out for all organic claims in the product you buy. After all, wouldn’t you want the blanket you spend seven to nine hours every day to be hale and hearty?

When compared against conventional cotton, you can grow organic cotton almost anywhere with the right environmental conditions. Only high levels of chemicals and pesticides will rupture the overall rate of growth. As far as restrictions are concerned, you don’t need to worry about anything.

The Major Differences

A major difference between traditional blankets and organic cotton blankets would be the presence of petroleum based pesticides. Organic cotton is carefully cultivated without any pesticides. This means organic cotton is void of disease causing chemicals. The risks of cancer and allergic reactions are very low with organic cotton blankets and apparels. To be more precise, you are less likely to face any adverse chemical reactions with organic products. Doesn’t this give you another reason to invest on organic products?

The Verdict

Last but certainly not least, organic cotton helps in protecting and preserving the environment. This is a way to improve your quality of life. The way organic cotton is manufactured and distributed is completely different. Hence, the world would become a better place with more organic products in the market. This is not an exaggeration! But a discreet statement of how our future can be!

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