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Green Gardening with Organic Nitrogen Fertilizers

Organic Nitrogen Fertilizers

For most organic gardeners, the idea of creating a soil that is rich with nutrients and humus is of paramount importance. The soil has to be enriched with all essential nutrients to grow amazing vegetables, fruits, flowering plants and ornamental vegetation. The overall viability and fertility of the soil will determine how great your gardening experience is. Unfortunately, a lot of people invest on petrochemicals to nourish their gardens. This is a faulty move that can cost your garden’s wellness and vigor. If you want to enjoy a great garden with natural vegetation, invest on organic nitrogen fertilizers. Like every other gardener, your venture into organic gardening should begin with nitrogen fertilizers. These fertilizers will improve the soil structure and adjust its pH level. So, people with poor soil quality are no longer expected to worry about gardening!

A Product with Many Uses

Technically, organic products can serve as both soil conditioners and fertilizers. They are meant to feed both the plants and the soil. This is why organic fertilizers are several times better than the chemical options. When you buy organic products, you don’t need to invest more on soil care. Doesn’t this sound too good to be true? Soluble organic nitrogen fertilizers are formulated with minerals that the plants can absorb very quickly. Moreover, these minerals are not used by earthworms or soil micro-organisms. This means your soil will not be affected by annoying pests.

Protecting the Soil

Synthetic fertilizers can remove organic matter and essential micro-organisms from soil. As time passes, soil will lose its overall vigor and sturdiness. If you wish to enrich the soil and build its quality, begin with organic nitrogen fertilizers. Even the town’s most loose and poorest soil structures can be improved with organic fertilizers. The natural chemicals will stimulate the rate at which plants grow. That is experienced gardeners consider organic fertilizers as a way to end soil crisis.

Moving on, organic fertilizers don’t rely on non-renewable resources. Most synthetic fertilizers are formulated with the help of natural gas and coal. These are essential but non-renewable resources that should be treasured. When you go organic, you will be friendlier on earth. Natural ingredients that are truly organic will be exploited. When you buy organic fertilizers, make sure the products have tags like “low analysis”, “natural organic” and “slow release”. Also, be wary of fertilizers with labeled Nitrogen-Phosphorus-Potassium alias NPK ratio. The NPK ratio should be more than 15 for amazing results.

The Shift!

If you are a novice gardener, who wishes to shift from chemical based compounds to organic options, you will find the organic fertilizers less convenient and more complicated. That is because organic fertilizers are not sold like premixed chemical fertilizers. You require ample experience and skill to understand how organic nitrogen fertilizers should be blend. Nonetheless, this is a fun filled activity that can be enjoyed! With a little bit of effort and practice, you will be a master in mixing organic nitrogen fertilizers.

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