Organic Bath Products

Why Should You Go for Organic Bath Products?

Organic Bath Products

A lot of people don’t worry about natural skin care till they have little ones around them. If you have a small baby, you will understand how delicate our skin is. When compared against many other organs, the skin is large, sensitive and requires ample care. You should pick the right kind of organic bath products to enrich your skin. After all, nearly 70% of what you apply on your skin is absorbed. As you stick onto non-organic, synthetic produces, you are likely to introduce your body to more toxins and free radicals. This can be attributed to the rise of organic bath products for both adults and kids.

Handling Skin Conditions!

Unlike adults, babies have sensitive skin that is prone to various health issues like eczema. This is a skin condition where the skin becomes itchy and extremely uncomfortable. In general, babies have sensitive skin that should be nurtured with the right bath products. Some babies have delicate skin conditions that become worse with chemical ingredients. And a lot of parents don’t realize the bond between their child’s condition and skin care products till things aggravate badly. Some renowned companies use an endless list of harsh ingredients in their bath products for better smells and texture. Unfortunately, these ingredients trigger a range of side effects in the little ones.

The Bad Ingredient

A common ingredient found in baby products is sodium lauryl sulphate alias SLS. This is responsible for allergic reactions and rashes in babies. SLS is included in shower gels, bubble baths and shampoos to produce more foam. In adverse situations, the ingredient causes infantile eczema too. Likewise, artificial fragrances have many side effects in babies. This is because artificial fragrance is nothing but a mix of chemicals that can produce a nice odor. Above all, a mix of several chemicals is required to change the product’s smell.

A Perfect Solution

Luckily, the world has identified these problems as critical and encouraged the production of organic bath products. These are natural items that prove to be gentle on the skin. There is a huge myriad of organic baby bath products with natural scents and foams. These products are mild and can be used on infants with sensitive skin types. Two well-flavors in organic baby bath products would be “Blossom” and “Lavender”. When you buy baby bath products, make sure they are certified as “Organic” and approved by the “Vegan Society”. These are two important organizations that look for produces with fine organic ingredients.

The Verdict

On the whole, there are so many different types of organic bath products out there. From skincare to toiletries, manufacturers have introduced healthy organic formulas and designed a better range of products. When you pick organic products for your little one, make sure they are carefully tested and of high quality. Always read through the label and check for signs of synthetic ingredients. Also, verify if Organic Food Federation, Soil Association and Ecocert have approved the product!


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