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All About Organic Bedding

All About Organic Bedding

Are you someone who loves to curl down for nine to ten hours every day? Are you worried about your health and peace? “Sleep” plays a very important role in our day to day lives. It is required to stay hale and hearty in the long run. People who skip a nap or two tend to feel weak and confused most of the time. This is why you should be careful with your sleep hours! Your emotional, physical and mental performance depends on how many hours you sleep. With this being said, your mattress and bedding has to be of supreme quality.

Drawbacks of Conventional Bedding

According to a recent study, mattresses can cause radiations and disrupt your sleep hours significantly. A bad bed can cause many joint and muscular problems. If you are robbed of deep sleep, you may end up walking, talking and doing the wrong things at the wrong hour. This is when organic bedding becomes extremely important. The kind of bedding you sleep on, will determine if you are going to be killed or blessed soon! Well, does this sound threatening? Unfortunately, bedding is a powerful field of research that has so much to be understood and explored.

Few years ago, people fantasied coil-spring mattresses and EMFs. However, things have changed drastically over the years. This is because coil-spring mattresses release lots of FM/TV radiation. These are harmful radiations that can affect your mind and body. When the body is exposed to high levels of FM/TV radiation, the body starts to feel weird side effects. The only way to avoid such consequences is by going “organic”.

Go Organic!

As suggested by its name, organic bedding is made of natural materials. These beds are void of dangerous chemicals that are both toxic and flammable! Alas, you heard it right. Non-organic bedding comprises of toxic chemicals that can catch a fire easily. A lot of states in Canada, US and Europe have regulations to avoid the use of such beds. In fact, pregnant women and toddlers are not advised to sleep on such beds.

Organic bedding will enrich your health and make sure you are fit. So, what does organic bedding represent? The word organic means it comprises of non-toxic and natural materials. If a bed is ought to be called as “organic” – it should be certified by third party agencies. These agencies are also known as the “Control Union”. The foam (a very important component) is certified by the company as organic. The Global Organic Latex Standards alias GOLS is used to determine if the bedding is naturally organic or not.

The Verdict

Now, you should understand that there is no such thing as 100% organic bedding. These mattresses don’t exist in this real world. The beds are designed with a mix of natural components and organic materials. When a company’s bedding is certified as organic, it means 95% of the latex comprises of organic ingredients. Above all, these mattresses are significantly healthy.

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