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Why Should You Feed Your Dog Organic Food?

Dog Organic Food

It is quite interesting to note that more-and-more stores are selling dog food with labels “organic”, “natural” and “human grade”. The industry considers this as a new way of boosting the furry creature’s health and vigor. However, very few pet lovers understand the real meaning of these words. That is because manufacturers don’t spend time defining the phrases “organic” and “natural”. If your pets mean a lot to you, it is high time you understand the prime purpose of organic dog food. Remember that the world’s best organic dog food varieties can do wonders to your little one’s health and energy level!

100% Natural Options

As suggested by its name, the best organic dog food is 100% natural. It is prepared from mined sources, plant and animal ingredients. These ingredients are not processed using chemicals or synthetic techniques. To be more precise, organic dog food is not forced to go through hydrolysis, rendering, fermentation, enzymolysis, heat processing, extraction or purification. This clearly proves that there are no additives or chemicals present in the food! This makes the best organic dog food reliable and absolutely healthy. It is manufactured carefully using clean and straightforward processes. So, does this tell you why organic dog food is good for your little ones?

According to the “Association of American Feed Control Officials alias AAFCO” you should not be misled by terms like “natural” or “organic”. Always go through the labels and figure out what the product is made off. Good organic dog food brands tend to sell products with comprehensive labels. This way you will be aware of all the minerals, vitamins and additives in the product. Always remember that dogs require high quality food for a stronger tomorrow. Never compromise on the kind of meal you feed them. Steer away from additives and ensure the product is totally organic!

The Term Organic

The term “organic” for human food varieties is clearly described by USDA’s National Organic Scheme alias NOP. According to NOP, organic foods are special products prepared from plant and organic ingredients. These foods are prepared without sewage sludge, pesticides, irradiation, artificial fertilizers or genetic modification. In fact, animal ingredients should be obtained from animals that are grown in closed, monitored environments. This means the animals should be fed organic products, not treated using antibiotics and must be given lots of room outdoors. To be more precise, the animals shouldn’t be exposed to hormone treatments too. Conversely, these are discreet standards all organic dog food manufacturers should abide to.

The only drawback with organic dog food would be its expensive nature. Due to high standards of integrity, these products are sold at hefty rates. You should be able to spend few extra dollars, if you want your pet to enjoy the benefits of organic food. Apart from manufacturing standards, these products are subject to serious marketing strategies and production methods. This is why organic dog foods are the best for your furry little ones!

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