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Few Intuitive Facts About Organic Baby Bedding

Organic Baby Bedding

The old adage “A good laugh and a long sleep is one of the finest cures in any doctor’s book” has gained new meaning with organic baby bedding. There are many differences between organic and traditional bedding methods. As you enjoy a nap in an organic bed, you will start to daunt the presence of conventional bedding varieties! This can be attributed to its healthy, soft and sturdy nature.

What makes conventional bedding dangerous?

Conventional mattresses and pillows that are made of polyurethane can release toxic gases. These are by products of petrochemical products. According to a recent study, toxic gases from petrochemical products can cause many health issues and skin disorders. These are flammable chemicals that can increase the risk of fire accidents in your home too. Wouldn’t you be worried while laying your little one sleep on such a bed?

Three ways to go organic!

You can introduce organic options into three different areas. The sheets, mattresses and pillows can be made organic. Each of these areas are extremely important for several hours of uninterrupted sleep. The world’s most recent organic baby bedding options can be classed into two styles. This includes the innerspring and latex rubber mattresses. The latex rubber mattress is made of 100% natural rubber. The latex rubber mattresses are often sold with a certified wool and cotton cover. One would be astonished to note that the inner spring model provides more support than conventional metal inner springs or frames. That is because the inner spring models are made of 3-inch natural rubber.

Just like the organic mattresses, organic pillows are comfortable and predominantly healthy. The pillows are sold with wool cover and organic cotton covers. The rubber used inside organic mattresses is reused in the pillows. This means your organic pillows would be a delight to rest your head all day/night!

An exciting aspect of organic baby bedding that delight environmentalists would be the prime source of natural rubber. Most of the rubber is obtained from rubber tree alias hevea brasiliensis. The sap from this tree is carefully harvested and preserved. Just like how sap is harvested from maple trees, the rubber trees are protected and harvested!

Organic baby mattresses and pillows come with sheets that are produced using organic bamboo, silk and cotton. The softest would be organic silk. If you have not given your baby the delight of organic silk bedding, it’s high time you make an investment! When compared against conventional bedding options, organic cotton, bamboo and silk are high renewable.

The Verdict

Last but certainly not least, organic bedding options don’t release toxic gases. These beds are 100% gentle on the skin and safe for your health. This means, the beds wouldn’t make you sick or tired. However, read more, research adequately and investigate more about organic baby bedding before making an investment. That is because there are too many different types of organic bedding options to choose and rule out from!


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