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The Thin Line Between Organic and Non-Organic Cotton

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In this modern era, almost everyone focuses on wearing organic apparels that are made from healthy cotton. Everything around us is becoming more organic. From organic farming to organic cotton pajamas, you will find the idea of using organic products everywhere. Luckily, there are several positive reasons behind this change. When you opt for organic materials, you will no longer harm the environment, use non-renewable sources of energy or become unhealthy.

The number of hours you sleep will define how high your quality of life is. Kids are fortunate to spend several hours in comfortable pajamas. With this being said, shouldn’t your kid’s have comfortable organic cotton pajamas?

Tempting the Little Ones

A lot of manufacturers tend to use book heroes, movie characters and cute quotes to attract kids. These features may seem cute; however, they are made of harmful chemicals. Synthetic chemicals play a very important role in processing cotton pajamas. These chemicals can be both hazardous and toxic. A lot of kids develop various skin disorders due to harmful chemicals in conventional cotton apparels. And, if your little one has sensitive skin, it is high time you go for organic cotton clothing and bedding. When compared against conventional bedding and clothing varieties, organic apparels are prepared with very little or no harmful chemicals.

Organic cotton pajamas matter in several ways. The negative effects of non-organic cotton products can range from environmental trouble to health disorders. First of all, traditional cotton is obtained from crops that are subject to intense pesticides and insecticides. For example, 5% of land with cotton crops sum up to 60% of yearly pesticide usage. This shows the negative impact cotton crops can have on Mother Earth. Moreover, few farmers are trained to handle harmful pesticides and insecticides safely. A lot of farmers spray heavy volumes of pesticides on cotton crops to enjoy immediate yield.

The Use of Harmful Chemicals

Due to the rate at which cotton crops are converted into clothing, many harmful chemicals are used to produce more cotton. These chemicals include azo dyes, chlorine bleach, heavy metals, benzidine and formaldehyde. Unfortunately, these chemicals can degrade the environment drastically. Above all, genetically modified cotton crops are becoming more popular in recent times. These crops are designed to resist pests and different types of herbicides. Of course, the negative impact of genetically modified crops is yet to be understood.

Why Organic?

In contrast to chemical based cotton crops, you can rely on organic cotton apparels. These are safe alternatives from reliable brands. As mentioned previously, you should make a shift with organic cotton clothing for your little ones. A lot of developed nations have special organic farms and processing mills to handle organic cotton apparels. These farms & mills are maintained in high environmental standards. Yes, you read it right. There are special environmental standards for mills and farms that process organic cotton.

Last but certainly not least, organic cotton pajamas are 100% comfortable and remarkably soft. After all, they are distributed from factories that don’t use any chemicals.

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