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Time to Go Green! Time to Buy Organic Cotton!

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Officially, cotton is identified as “the ultimate fabric of our everyday life”. It is healthy and good for many reasons. We tend to come in touch with different types of cotton. From the apparels you wear to the bedding you sleep on, cotton is used in many places. You will be astonished to note that even the food you eat has a sensible amount of cotton. However, it is quite difficult to grow cotton. A lot of pesticides and chemical additives are used to grow healthy cotton varieties. This tends to have a negative impact on the environment and causes many health problems. If you want to save Mother Earth and stay healthy, you should steer away from conventional cotton and pick “Organic cotton apparels”.

The Fall of Conventional Cotton

As suggested by its name, organic cotton is manufactured with the help of natural resources and raw manure. The Organic Trade Association believes that organic cotton doesn’t exploit through the use of fertilizers or toxic chemicals. Conventional methods like strip cutting, insect releases, weeding machinery and other synthetic cropping strategies are not used to grow cotton crops. This is why organic cotton is both expensive and healthy! If you take an organic cotton t-shirt, you will come across 3rd party certifications. These certificates prove that the product is made from 100% organic crops. According to a recent survey, 7000 bales of organic cotton was cultivated and harvested in US by the end of 2004. This amounts to 3 million pounds of organic cotton.

Would you believe if someone tells you that 25% of the world’s insecticides are used on cotton crops? More than 55 million pounds of harmful chemicals are used to cultivate 10 million acres of fresh cotton. Most of these chemicals are toxic and fatal. Common health risks associated with these harmful chemicals would be reduced immunity, birth defects and severe reproductive disorders. In most nations, cotton banes are chosen by hand! This means people who work in these fields are likely to come in touch with serious, disease causing toxic chemicals. Chemicals used on cotton fields are soluble too! As a result, water supplies in and around cotton fields are heavily polluted. Well, these are few well known drawbacks of conventional cotton crops. With all this being said, don’t you consider organic cotton t-shirts and apparels as a wise move?

Go Organic!

When you invest on organic cotton t-shirts, you will protect the environment and save yourself from various health issues. Organic cotton is cultivated in small scale by trained farmers. They make sure very little or no pesticides are used on the crops.

The Verdict

Ardent users of organic cotton t-shirts believe that the material is easy and soft on the skin. Today, there are organic cotton apparels for babies too! Gap has an exquisite range of organic clothing for infants. And, Levis has come up with eco-friendly versions of jeans. These jeans are made of organic cotton.

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