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Few Interesting Facts About Organic Garden Fertilizers

Organic Garden Fertilizers

Organic garden fertilizers are a balanced mix of natural substances that can promote plant growth and enrich the soil with all essential nutrients. When compared against artificial compounds, organic fertilizers are cheap and efficient. They are less harsh on the soil than synthetic mixes. If you use organic fertilizers in the long run, you will see incredible results in your garden. Irrespective of the plants you grow, you will see amazing results. Experienced gardeners who have used organic fertilizers for decades believe that gardening is all about going green and organic.

Measuring Organic Fertilizers

When you use organic garden fertilizers, you should measure everything by volume. You can opt for a jarful, scoop or a bucketful! Even if the proportions vary by 10%, you are likely to get desired results. This is a major difference between synthetic and organic fertilizers. Making an organic formula and going wrong will not have a massive impact in your garden.

The Right Time!

The best time to use organic fertilizers in your garden would be when there is nothing on the soil! To be more precise, these fertilizers should be spread in your garden before anything else. Raw manure will nourish the soil with all essential nutrients that are required to grow amazing plants. Even poultry and sheep are attracted to soil with organic garden fertilizers.

The Thin Line Between Organic Fertilizers and Raw Manure

One should understand that raw manure and organic fertilizers have few notable differences. Raw manure can be difficult to transport and are likely to attract flies due to its offensive odor. On the other hand, organic fertilizers are void of this drawback. They don’t contain pathogens or a bad odor that favors pests. Instead, organic manure can give your garden an odorless but nourished soil.

Apart from these evident reasons, why should you shift to organic garden fertilizing? Researchers believe that what you grow is what you plan on eating. If you fertilize your garden organically, what goes into your body will be organic. And, if your house has little ones, organic gardens will give them a healthy start. That is why doctors and researchers advice homeowners to invest on organic fertilizers for their plants, especially if you have vegetables in your backyard. These fertilizers can promote plant health and make your soil much better.

Growing Organic Gardens

Moving on, you can grow any kind of plant in organic gardens. Also, there are several different types of organic fertilizers. This includes coffee grinds, crushed eggshells and lawn clippings. In fact, wood ashes are considered as good organic fertilizers too. If you are not prepared to invest on readymade organic fertilizers, these materials will lend you a hand of help.

So, how do organic fertilizers work? Technically, the fertilizers increase the amount of nitrogen in soil. This is an essential element that promotes the production and healthy development of crops. Though the soil has a significant amount of nitrogen, organic fertilizers can increase its percentage significantly.

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